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New R.I. computer system goes live Tuesday

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The $364M computer system will verify eligibility for public-assistance programs, from health coverage to subsidized childcare, cash assistance and the food stamp program known as SNAP.

Source: New R.I. computer system goes live Tuesday

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — After years of hiccups and delays, the state’s biggest-ever IT project goes live on Tuesday at an estimated cost to state and federal taxpayers of $364 million so far, that may swell to $487.4 million by 2018 if the Raimondo administration gets the additional money it is seeking.

Known as UHIP, the “Unified Health Infrastructure Project” was launched four years ago by then-Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s administration to take advantage of federal money available for a new enrollment-and-tracking system for Obamacare enrollees.DHS banner

Then it grew — and grew — to more than triple the initial $110-million cost estimate.

In its current incarnation as a replacement for a hodgepodge of decades-old state computer systems, the new system will encompass a wide array of public-assistance programs, from health coverage to subsidized childcare, cash assistance and the food stamp program now known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

If all goes well here, the Raimondo administration anticipates the new eligibility system will make “it easier and more convenient for Rhode Islanders to apply for and track their benefits,” make it more likely the state will be able to detect — and stop — waste and fraud, and save enough money to enable the state to recoup its entire UHIP investment “within the next two to three years.”


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Social Media and the Elderly: The Next Big Wave!

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Social Media – its not just for the kids anymore

Many might think that social media is the exclusive domain of the younger generation. However, many of our older adults have enthusiastically adopted it to keep up with the times as well as their old acquaintances and younger family members. Grandparents are becoming proficient in alien things like Skype and Facebook and liking it. It has become a healthy emotional outlet and word of its benefits has spread like wildfire among the elderly.

Historically many people who were not raised with computers have been hesitant to adopt them into their life and lifestyles unless absolutely necessary. This process of pulling many folks into the technology for often work purposes has caused many to shy away. Finally though, many are seeing user friendly and wide acceptance of the technology and a desire to connect with the younger generation. Nothing makes someone feel young than being able to keep up with those who are young, and social media offers that opportunity.

Social Media: Connections and Research

The internet not only allows for connections to family and friends, it also opens up a vast database to research for news, entertainment and medical information. As folks become increasingly comfortable with the technology their ability to ask questions and research answers will become limitless!


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RI Receives $112.8M In Federal Funds For Health-Benefits Computer System

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Federal Grant Clears Way For Design and Implementation of Health-Benefits Computer System

On October 19, 2015 the State of Rhode Island announced it has received an additional $112.8 million in federal funds for a new computer system. The system, whose overall cost has soared to $380 million, is being built to verify eligibility for Medicaid, tax credits for HealthSource RI and other public assistance.

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The expectation with the new computer system is that it will allow all future applications for benefits to be completed on-line, allowing for better tracking and controls. Currently, if a person wishes to apply for Medicaid the application is done via a booklet with multiple pages of supporting document all needed to accompany the application. In the near future, applications will be able to be submitted electronically and all supporting documents will be scanned and attached to the application, reducing time and errors.

Still have questions as to Medicaid qualification and benefits? Contact our office for a free consultation.

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