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Medicaid Planning in a Nutshell

January 15, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Live Video Webinar

Program Description

Qualifying Clients and Guarding Assets

Planning for Medicaid is rapidly becoming one of the main functions of estate planning. This practical briefing outlines essential approaches to pre-planning to qualify for Medicaid asset criteria and critical emergency planning when the need is immediate. Get the basics down: register today!

  • Clarify Medicaid eligibility criteria.
  • Maximize the use of exempt assets.
  • Learn how trusts are used in Medicaid planning.

Who Should Attend

This legal course is designed for attorneys. Accountants, benefit representatives, fiduciaries, trustees, and paralegals may also benefit.

Course Content

  1. Complying with State and Federal Medicaid Requirements
  2. Pre-planning and the Use of Trusts
  3. Emergency Medicaid Qualification and Spending Down
  4. Other Estate Planning Documents
  5. Trust Administration Issues