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Medicaid and Special Needs Planning in Case Studies

September 23, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Live Video Webcast

Program Description

Long-Term Care Planning Tools for Every Client

Go through a series of common client scenarios and get practical solutions to common Medicaid and SNT planning dilemmas. Register today!

  • Assess all the contributing needs and factors that will affect your clients’ Medicaid planning.
  • Create planning options for single applicants.
  • Preserve benefits and qualify beneficiaries for SNT in cases of childhood disability.
  • Prevent penalty periods when planning for immediate nursing home need.
  • Learn when and how to use trusts in Medicaid planning.
  • Find out how child caretaking work can help and hinder the parents’ Medicaid eligibility.

Who Should Attend

This legal guide is designed for attorneys. Accountants, elder care planners, paralegals and legal support staff will also benefit.

Course Content

  1. Planning Ahead for Married Medicaid Applicants
  2. Single Medicaid Applicant
  3. Planning for the Disabled Child
  4. Sudden Windfall for a Client Who Was on Pace to Receive Benefits
  5. One Nursing Home Spouse, One Community Spouse
  6. Both Spouses Need Nursing Home Immediately
  7. Live-in Children Caretakers
  8. Legal Ethics in Medicaid Practice