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Gifting Tactics in Medicaid Planning – GET $50 WITH COUPON CODE FSPN50

December 15, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 4:15 pm
Live Video Webinar


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Program Description

Understand All the Wealth Planning Options Available to Your Clients

Planning your clients’ financial future and legacy is diverse and complex, with a unique tool for every unique client situation. In this fast-paced comprehensive program, our faculty will guide you through the plethora of trust options and give you a straightforward, incisive analysis of when and how each can be used for maximum effect. Explore the goals, functions, administration hurdles, and tax implications of the top trusts in the practice. Choose the best tool for the job every time – register today!

  • Weigh all the pros and cons to select the best trust options for specific client situations.
  • Anticipate tax consequences of various trusts.
  • Use sample trust language our faculty provide to save drafting time and avoid mistakes.
  • Clarify the powers and duties of trustees in different trusts.
  • Compare living and testamentary trusts for straightforward estate planning.
  • Distinguish between accounting and taxable income and learn how trust income tax is reported.
  • Understand how recent tax laws changed the practice of marital trusts and learn when they are still useful.
  • Review common ethical missteps that can cost you your license – and how to avoid them.

Who Should Attend

This basic level seminar is designed for the professionals involved in creating and administering trusts:

  • Attorneys
  • Accountants and CPAs
  • Trust Officers
  • Tax Managers
  • Wealth Managers

Course Content

  1. What are Trusts? Main Trust Principles
  2. Simple Testamentary Trusts and Revocable Living Trusts
  3. Tax Reduction with Trusts
  4. Grantor Trusts
  5. Marital Trusts in a Nutshell
  6. Other Trust Structures and Issues
  7. Special Needs Trusts (SNTs)
  8. Legal Ethics